Look's like New York City has got another small Target on its back.

Chains are getting tighter in New York City and there isn't much we can do about it. We recently talked about "New York's original grocer" selling their last few stores, and now we are potentially seeing the future of retail.

If if feels like big-box department stores are slowly encroaching upon the city, it's because they are. Target is the latest of these to creep in. 

On July 20th, a new "flexible format" Target will open in Forrest Hills making it the first of its kind in the city.

"Flexible format" sounds like something you should practice during Yoga, but for Target it means a smaller, bite-sized version of their store.

Last November, we saw a little taste of this "flexible format" Target opening in Manhattan

Now, Queens will have a teeny version of the department store, in addition to three normal-sized Targets scattered throughout the borough.

The 21,000 square-foot Target is taking over a spot where a Barnes & Noble used to be.


It seems that size doesn't really matter for Target as this one is set to have a pharmacy, groceries, and everything else that comes in a department store in 2016.


So, it seems that the future is littered with bulls-eyes, NYC. This city has always been a target for change, but is this a change we really want? Probably not. 

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