Prosecco is at the center of so many of our favorite celebratory cocktails. It's light, and if you're feeling creative, it can take on essentially any other type of juice or fruity flavor.  

Finally, the day has come for all of you people who love the competition of drinking games, but refuse to chug beer after beer. We get it, it's heavy, it's not for everyone. 

However, there is certainly no need to watch from the sidelines just because your taste in alcohol is a bit more refined (Don't @ me).

From the team at Talking Tables, a company that creates fun and decorative party accessories, comes the "Prosecco Pong" kit. 


The kit comes with twelve glasses, as well as a pack of bright pink plastic balls. All the same rules as "regular" pong apply, but we aren't regular, which is why we'll be trading in the red cups for fancy Prosecco cocktail glasses. 

This not only adds a new and interesting dynamic to your party's vibe, but it brings people together with a beverage that is more widely enjoyed. 


While I'm sure many of us have played beer pong with drinks other than beer, it is truly a wonder how we haven't upgraded to the fancy glasses and pong balls until now. 

This kit has brought our love of Prosecco to a new level!  

[via Guest of a Guest] [Feature Image Courtesy Talking Tables Prosecco Pong] 

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