Tiny arms and floppy tails make for the best athletes, right?

Some would say that American Ninja Warrior gets a bit tedious over time, seeing the same handful of buff athletes trying and (mostly) failing to run the infamous obstacle course.

But the show recently took a prehistoric turn when a T-Rex decided to take a shot at the obstacle course.

Everyone loves an underdog... or underdino, in this case, and this T-Rex was exactly that.

With tiny arms, an inconvenient tail, and a head that just can't stop lolling around, this T-Rex had his work cut out for him, and blew us all away when he actually made it past the first obstacle.

In fact, this dino made it further than most competitors ever make it.

We'll admit, we were really disappointed to see that magnificent beast fall to its tragic end so close to the finish line.

Watch your new hero tackle one of the world's most intense obstacle courses below.


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[Feature Image Courtesy Youtube]