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Grab Bae: Save Your Date Night 🍽🍻🕺

My name is Jordan Scott and I’m the founder of idk tonight, the first platform designed for life after the swipe.

This summer, we’re releasing a decision-making app for couples that gets them to the good times faster and easier. If you and your S.O. are #CoupleGoals and want to be beta testers (ow ow!) sign up here.

In the meantime, solve your date night woes with our column dedicated solely to discovering the perfect dates for your budget.

Each week, we’ll release four equally amazing date night plans—curated for your budget: $, $$, $$$, $$$$.

$: Gottlieb’s x Duff’s @ Williamsburg

When you want to go out, but you don’t want to be afraid of your bank statement the next day


This Williamsburg plan is low key...with a little edge.

Start out with some standard kosher deli fare at Gottlieb’s Restaurant, serving the Jewish community and curious strangers since 1962.

Try the matzo ball soup and pastrami, but if you’re feeling adventurous, go for the cherry soup or kugel. Just don’t plan your visit for a Saturday—it’s the Jewish Sabbath and Gottlieb’s is closed.

Stop #2 is where things get a little gritty.

Duff’s Brooklyn is a beloved heavy metal dive bar serving up cheap drinks and horrific decor. Notable patrons include Rob Zombie, Pantera and Iron Maiden. The museum-level horror decor will leave you with plenty to see and do. From a photo op in an old-school electric chair to hanging with Frankenstein, the walls are lovingly curated by Jimmy Duff, the bar’s owner, and namesake.

Take it all in over cheap beer and be sure to pick a song or two from their legendary jukebox for an unforgettable evening.

 $$: Queen of Falafel x Jupiter Disco @ Bushwick

When you want to go out and not spend more than like $30 a person. Not a cheap night, but not a pricey night by any means

We bet you’re familiar with House of Yes, but did you know they are also the home to Bushwick’s first falafel cafe? If you didn’t know, now you do.

At Queen of Falafel, Moroccan and Middle Eastern family recipes are served counter-side. Get your fill of eggplant sabich, shakshuka, and hummus plates. Fall in love with their generous portions, reasonable prices, and delicious falafel.

After properly kowtowing to the Queen (and maybe after a quick dance party at HoY), head to nearby cocktail spot Jupiter Disco. If Mad Max and Star Wars had a love child and that love child grew up into a sexy, tech noir DJ, it would be named Jupiter Disco.

With a killer sound system, dark and industrial vibes, and a closing time of 4 a.m., we predict you won’t want to leave this futuristic and boozy bunker.

$$$: BondST x No Bar @ NoHo

When you want to treat yo’selves and put on your fancy pants

Situated in a historic, Soho-style brownstone with three distinct levels, BondST boasts modern interpretations of classic Asian dishes, plus a full, specialized sushi bar.

The first floor is an intimate, cozy lounge with that aforementioned sushi bar while the main floor offers a seventy-five seat dining room and a beautiful vantage point of cobblestoned Bond Street below. Go for the Omakase tasting menu—it’ll run you $95-$140.

Pro-tip: there's a high likelihood you’ll run into a celeb here.


For your last stop, head to No Bar—a newly opened gay bar from Angela Dimayuga in the space that formerly housed narcbar. The new home for everything queer and fabulous, No Bar plays host to drag shows, dance parties, late-night DJ sets –all in a space lined with cow-print booths, art by Dachi Cole and illuminated by neon lights.

For cocktails, try the Matcha Haze (gin, mezcal, matcha, lemon, and egg white), or Spil The Tea (bourbon, mezcal, caffe amaro, rooibos, vanilla, and mole bitters), and if you’re feeling more of a wine or beer night, they’ve got that too.

$$$$: The Boil x The Box @ Lower East Side

When you want to just absolutely blow it all up and throw money everywhere


Not only is this plan expensive AF, it’s also exclusive AF. Part one begins with dinner at The Boil, a New Orleans-style seafood restaurant on the Lower East Side. The least expensive part of your evening, get ready for old-fashioned Creole cooking and Cajun flavors right here in the big apple.

Order your choice of shellfish by the pound, accompanied by your choice of sauce and heat. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty (your night’s pretty much headed in that direction anyway) and, make sure to enjoy the food the way they recommend. Twist. Peel. Pull. Suck.


After you clean up, head over to The Box—it’s about to get wild. Advertised as a “theatre of varieties”, this exclusive bar and nightclub features nightly shows that combine music, theater, burlesque, and erotica. Be warned, if nudity and stripteases aren’t your thing, this probably isn’t the place for you—the shows have been known to have a ton of ‘em, along with circus acts, “human oddities”, and big-name performances.

The spot also gives us serious flapper vibes, it helps the space used to house a 1920s sign factory. There's no an official cocktail list—it’s up to you to get whatever you want. Sinful indulgence doesn’t begin to cover what this night will bring your way, so go and get your freak on. 

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