Sushi and donuts are definitely two of the greatest foods known to mankind.

Both options offer large varieties when it comes to flavors and fillings, plus they're both the perfect size to satisfy your midday, not yet full blown, hunger.

But, if we're being honest, sushi and donuts don't sound like two foods that would go very well together.

Thankfully, the world of food trends hasn't gone that far just yet (YET).

The latest Instagram food trend, after the avocado bun madness, is sushi donuts.

Relax, it's not fried dough stuffed with bits of California rolls. Sushi donuts are basically pieces of sushi that are packed together to in a round, donut shape.

These rolls are often garnished with wasabi, mayo, ginger, avocado, and all other kinds of delicious sushi add-ons, giving the finished product a glazed, donut-esque look.


It's definitely a relief that this isn't a typical donut-sushi hybrid, you'd probably have us fooled if we just looked at the Instagram pics that made this trend famous.

Looks deliciously sweet, but still packs the savory sushi punch that we all know and love.


While you can use any kind of sushi for the round base of this donut, the OG sushi donut from sobeautifullyraw's Instagram was vegan, which means all vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegans alike can enjoy this treat.

This trend is still limited to Instagram feeds at the moment but we're hoping sushi donuts will be making appearances on some local menus.

[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]