Okay, everyone, it's supposed to snow a lot this weekend, and we'd really like you to be prepared.

By prepared, we don't just mean that you should head out to all of NYC's prettiest places (though, that's a pretty good idea). We mean, it's a blizzard. So no, you shouldn't wear your new suede boots out in the snow, and yes, you should go grocery shopping.

Winter storm Jonas is expected to dump anywhere between 5 to 12 inches on the city beginning at 6 a.m. on Saturday, but that's not the really alarming part.

The really alarming part is the expected windspeed, which could be as extreme as 50 mph. We're missing the bulk of it, and it's going to hit D.C. pretty hard, but still, meteorologist Ryan Maue tweeted that this could be a "blizzard for the ages."

So get ready to spend a lot of time inside on Saturday, drinking hot chocolate (it's cool to spike it) and watching movies. You can go sledding with your friends at NYC's sledding havens, but watch out for those winds.

Most of all, have a good time. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Winter Storm Jonas, and how it'll take us on a trip to the year 3,000 (get it?).

1. The MTA has said they don't plan to close

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According to Politico, the subway foresees transporting New Yorkers even in the middle of a Severe Weather Warning, 50 mph blizzard.

"We have no plans to 'close the subway,'" said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

That doesn't mean that the subway definitely won't close, though. It just means that they're not closing it in advance, though they have announced that service to the B train might end early, and that many express lines might run local.


If the MTA does decide a subway closure is necessary, Ortiz said the MTA "would do so in consultation with county and city governments." Remember when the subway closed last year?

"We found out just as it was being announced," de Blasio said. "We did not get a lot of advance notice."

So, all we can really say about this is that if you need to travel by subway, you shouldn't necessarily cancel your plans for Saturday, but you should make sure all parties concern understand that they're tentative.

2. The Metro-North, LIRR, and buses may be suspended

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Sorry, looks like your Connecticut and Long Island friends will not be attending your Saturday afternoon sledding sesh. Tell them to just move here already.

The MTA put out a detailed chart about what will happen in certain situations.

If there's more than 10 inches of snow, service on the LIRR, Metro-North, and NYC's buses may suspend some or all service.


So, if you were planning on riding the LIRR or Metro-North on Saturday, and there's more than 10 inches of snow, you probably just shouldn't.

Also, if there's more than 10 inches of snow, there will be reduced roadway capacity or lane closures in NYC's bridges and tunnels. If there's ice, the bridges may be closed. In addition, the Mayor's office announced that alternate side parking will be suspended on Saturday.

Basically, trying to drive in or out of the city on Saturday is a no-go.


3. Mayor de Blasio is on it

nyc_dot Earlier today @nycmayorsoffice @billdeblasio issued a hazardous travel advisory for this weekend (more via link in bio). New Yorkers are urged to avoid traveling Saturday through Sunday. #SafeNYC DOT’s divisions are ready to mobilize at any time in preparation for pending #snownyc; we're ready to keep NYC moving! #NYCASP will be suspended Sat 1/23 due to winter weather, meters will remain in effect. Alternate Side Parking is in effect tomorrow, 1/22 (per regular schedule).

Curbed reported on the press conference Mayor de Blasio held this morning, announcing the measures the city is taking to prepare for Jonas. They're going to do a lot.

The Department of Sanitation will send out 579 salt spreaders on Friday evening, and 1,650 plows when more than two inches of snow accumulate.


Which, as you could imagine, will require a lot of human power. There will be more than 2,400 Department of Sanitation employees working 12-hour shifts as of Friday morning.

If you lose heat or hot water, contact your property manager immediately, then call 311.

If the temperature drops below 32 degrees, there will be a Code Blue alert, which requires shelter access for anyone who needs it.

4. You should stock up

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Okay everyone, remember how Seamless closed during the snow last year? Yeah, that's how we knew things were serious. 

Remember how that storm wasn't even close to as severe as this one is supposed to be? So, yeah, we don't mean to be preachy on you, but odds are you won't be able to have your favorite meal from you local diner whizzing toward you with the click of a button on Saturday.


We're guessing all the delivery alcohol services might shut down as well. So yes, you should get lots of frozen meals from the frozen food section, and you should also get a couple of bottles of your favorite stuff.

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