How to Survive Hosting the Party for Sunday's Big Game in Your Tiny AF NYC Apartment

It’s coming. The sports day. The big sports day–no, really; the BIG SPORTS DAY. 

Super Bowl Sunday. Who ya got? Patriots? Falcons? Commercials? Puppies?! Doesn't matter. You've got more important things to worry about: you've decided to host that epic Super Bowl Sunday Party at your apartment. 

FoodKick, the undoubtedly dope younger sister of FreshDirect, is saving us from the 'Oh, shit my kitchen is a shoebox!' crisis by delivering fresh food, cold booze*, and essentially everything we could ever want or need right to our apartments in as little as an hour.

Great! Go you! Only problem—just a little thing, really: How are you going to manage cooking for like 20 people in your kitchen, you know, the one that's the same size as your closet? Suddenly, the lack of counter space and tiny oven that you used to find charming seems… miserable. 

You think back to other apartment parties you’d been to and the spread of noms they'd laid out. How did they do it? What life hacks did they know that you've clearly missed out on?

Don't dwell in the past—it's not worth it. Think of the future, and the future is now. FoodKick is here to rescue you and your friends. 

FoodKick, the undoubtedly dope younger sister of FreshDirect, is saving us from the 'Oh, shit my kitchen is a shoebox!' crisis by delivering fresh food, cold booze*, and essentially everything we could ever want or need right to our apartments in as little as an hour.

Game plan: Set yourself up for success 


The one thing you can count on in NYC is that most people are likely facing the same dilemma as you. Of course, forgiving any miraculous plays that defy all logic, victory is determined by a solid mix of game planning, execution, and, yeah... coaching. 

And not everyone has FoodKick in their playbook, so you've already got more than a leg or sleeveless hoodie up on the competition. 

In as little as an hour you can have everything you need delivered right to your apartment. Don't even think about spending two or three hours lost in the cramped aisles of the grocery store buying stuff, then lugging it all home, then prepping, cooking, and serving it all. That's exhausting.

Fact: Nobody remembers anything but the game-winning (or losing) play, but everyone remembers the food so much that we should probz just call anything not named the Puppy Bowl the Snack Bowl.

So, have a plan—a plan that's easily executed without the headaches of shopping. Instead of that window of "an hour or so" for shopping and travel, open that window for the "hour or so" it takes for FoodKick to deliver fresh food and cold booze. 

Pregame: Be in the kitchen with a purpose


Is there anything more stressful than your friends coming over 30 minutes before kickoff to find you still in the kitchen? Oh, and to make things even better, they kind of shuffle in sheepishly asking, "Sooo... need any help?" 



You won't even need to apologize to Lil Kev for snapping at him this year because you've got that well-executed game plan from FoodKick. 

Whether that's in the form of meal hacks & kits to help guide the cooking process in ways you weren't even sure existed, or prepared meals where you don't need to lift a finger, FoodKick's gettin' you out of the kitchen to mix & mingle with your guests ASAP.

"But I want to make tacos." Yeah, don't we all. How about FoodKick's MYO Taco Kit

Feelin' like mixing it up this year and doing something other than Mexican food? Go for it! But you don't have to scramble completely to make that happen. Hit up their MYO Pizza Kit, easy Meatball Sliders, delish Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Pulled Pork Sliders, or, yeah, MAKE YOUR OWN SLIDERS. Dare we say more?

Get back to the fundamentals with FoodKick. Simplify. Execute. Sports metaphors. Yay, sports!

Kickoff: Start strong

This is entirely dependent on how you have planned for the big game, and chances are pretty good that sh*t will go wrong from the get-go if you planned poorly. Remember: Reduce stress in the kitchen. It's a sports game. You want to watch sports (and/or commercials), eat good food, and drink. 

Starting strong requires that the food is fresh and the booze is cold. FoodKick's Party-Starter Pack pulls out all the stops with guac, a six-pack of Narragansett or Tecate, a choice of tortilla chips, and salsa. 

Halftime: Always have cold beer

There is nothing worse than a cold flat beer or a room temperature glass of Pinot Grigio. Seriously, how are you supposed to cool down your hot-sauce-coated mouth with a lukewarm drink? It’s just not refreshing.

With FoodKick, you don’t have to worry about that. Instead of buying a 30-pack that morning and letting it sit out because you don’t have room in your fridge, you can have perfectly-chilled wine, liquor, and beer delivered right before kickoff. Need to put it on ice? Sweet. They deliver ice too. 

But wait, more people have shown up than you originally planned for and they've already drank all the beer! Talk about deflating... 

But, you're a pro at this. You noticed how low things were getting at the top of the first quarter, so instead of sending lil' Kev out on a beer run at halftime, making him miss Gaga (HOW DARE YOU!), you whipped out your phone and ordered more beer and booze with FoodKick that'll be there fast AF.

Of course, remember: halftime doesn't last, like, forever. FoodKick delivers in as little as an hour, but the planner that you are ordered with more than enough time before the second half kicks off. #Winning

Dessert: Finish the game strong

Part of the appeal of Super Bowl Sunday is that calories don’t count (it's science).

So, if you’re already stuffing your face with nachos, dips, pizza, beer, tequila shots—whatever—you've got to finish strong. 

There are few things more disappointing than ending a binge fest with a mediocre dessert. Who wants hardened cookies or dried out store bought brownies at the end of the night? Nobody.

You've had FoodKick leading you every step of the way. And they'll continue to crush it with scoops from NYC-based faves like OddFellows, Van Leeuwen, and Blue Marble.

Better yet, mix things up! Ready-to-Bake Chocolate Rugelach from Zaro's! Chocolate Chess, Lemon Chess, or Salty Honey pies from Four & Twenty Blackbirds! BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! You just. Went. All. The. Way.

And you didn't have to cheat. You just let FoodKick save the day. 

Don’t Get Hangry—Get FoodKick. Head Over to or Download the App for iPhone & Android.

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