Now no one outside of NYC can say New Yorkers are dramatic and rude a-holes. We're not petty. Sure, sometimes we're a little brutish. But, we have good reason. We're always given cause. 

We've always said the MTA is literally ruining our lives, but now we have the studies to prove it.

A survey was demonstrated for two weeks in June to gain feedback from New Yorkers and to see how they feel about the new changes that MTA has made without our permission.

I mean, it is our city too right? We should have a say when we want sh*t to get fixed.

But it is no surprise that literally everyone in New York is pissed about the constant train delays, construction, and weekend changes.

The survey consisted of 1,227 New Yorkers that use the subway as a means of getting around, asked over a span of two weeks. So while the "study" isn't anymore scientific than a Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey, the results prove that New Yorkers stand in solidarity just as much as they did in Spider-man 1 & 2 (no, the first Spider-man 1 & 2).

74% of New Yorkers were late to work, while 18% were reprimanded. A case of the boy who cried wolf, or bosses getting a little bent out of shape because they don't have a good enough excuse for why they began their day after lunchtime? 


It's like New Yorkers can't win. Take the train, get stuck underground for 20 minutes. Take an Uber or cab, get stuck in traffic for 30. 

60% of parents were late to either pick up or drop off their children to school, or they were late to one of their children's school performances. Now, MTA is causing our children to hate us! It just get's worst and worst, doesn't it?

Let's hope these delays get better before the winter, because no one has time for shuttle bus service in 10 degree weather.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Time Out New York]