You ready to catch the new Superman movie? You know, the one where he fights Batman for two-and-a-half-hours, Aquaman shows up, Wonderwoman shows up, and there's a Lex Luther with a really bad hairpiece some reason? 

Yeah, us neither. 

Apparently, nobody else in the world is really ready for it either, so much so that nobody recognized one of the film's leading men hanging out in Times Square. 

Wednesday, Henry Cavill (Superman), went for a nice walkabout in Times Square wearing a Superman shirt and, apparently, nobody recognized him. 

Take it as an omen for the Zak Snyder monstrosity set to hit theaters next week, a sign of just how unrecognizable Henry Cavill actually is IRL, or a scathing indictment of just how much real New Yorkers hate Times Square, the whole thing is wildly inconsequential. 

Cavill paid Jimmy Kimmel Live a visit Thursday night, proving to all those who doubted the effectiveness of Clark Kent's disguise (if you're unfamiliar, the only thing that distinguishes Superman from his pedestrian identity-- aside from cape and tights --is, you guessed it: glasses) they were wrong.

"There's been so much doubt about the validity of Superman's disguise, which is the glasses," Cavill said. "I think it was a perfectly reasonable disguise, and so, I put it to the test."

Well, who can really say why nobody recognized you, Cavill? It's been nearly 3 years since Man of Steel bored us to tears. What have you done for us lately that we should even know who you are?


Okay, so Man From U.N.C.L.E wasn't bad at all, but it was almost dangerously close to being bad. Other than that, you haven't been in much. Before that? You were in Immortals which, if we're being super honest, is a f*cking tiresome experience. It's. Not. Good. 

So, check out Cavill hanging out on Jimmy Kimmel. 

Who knows why nobody recognized him, but if we're looking for Superman to save the day, we probably shouldn't have gotten rid of those phone booths. Like, how does he get into costume without them?

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[via Business Insider] [Feature Image Courtesy Business Insider]