This yacht hasn't even left the pier, let alone been made, and it's already making waves.

Designer Gabriel Teruzzi has created something that is beyond luxurious. It is an awe-inspiring vision of what a yacht could be in today's world.

The Shaddai, which is Hebrew for "omnipotent" is the most fitting name for this 492-foot floating mansion.

At first glance you might notice the unorthodox shape of the superyacht, but then you'll raise a finger and point at the absolutely ridiculous owner's cabin that is 125 feet above the water. 

Hope you aren't afraid of heights and open water.

The owner's cabin has an infinity pool with a glass wall that will make it feel like you are swimming in the boundless sky behind you. 

Once tuckered out from swimming in the clouds, you can grab a nice drink at the bar or enjoy the catch of the day at the dining area.

The main deck features an absurd aquarium with an infinity pool as its ceiling. This superyacht is meant to dazzle the eyes, to almost make you forget you are on the water while being completely surrounded by it.


Maybe you're thinking Teruzzi has gone overboard with this design. The superyacht has more pools than an YMCA and looks like something a James Bond villain would own.

So, what do you make of all this?

Well, you can take it as fantasy. That no one, even with all the money in the world, would dare try to actually make this. Or, you can take it as true visionary work; that maybe this is the future of not only luxurious superyachts, but of contemporary design in general.

No matter what happens to this opulent behemoth, we sure did have fun thinking about hosting a booze cruise on it. Check out the renderings for the dream boat below. Then wake up. These are all dreams.

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[via Daily Mail] [Feature Image Courtesy DailyMail]