Real-estate company Cushman & Wakefield just released a report of what they've determined to be the 'coolest' cities in America.

Many New York cities, naturally, made the list - but Sunset Park was NYC's crown jewel, listed as one of the Top 15 coolest neighborhoods in America.

But what exactly is cool? And how did Cushman & Wakefield go about measuring it?

In their report, Cushman & Wakefield define cool as places that are up and coming, and are driven by the Millenials that are quickly taking over. In short, cool is essentially thriving.

It's no surprise that Brooklyn's Sunset Park made the top list. People have been buzzing about Sunset Park being the next place to be in NYC for some time now.

The real factor that sets Sunset Park apart is the redevelopment of Industry City. This billion dollar neighborhood revamp has definitely paid off, seeing as how this area is full of opportunities for retail and commercial spaces.

Millennials make up 27% of the population of Sunset Park, and the average household income for this neighborhood has jumped to approximately $81k. Gentrification is alive and well in Sunset Park.

There are already some notable names set up in Sunset Park, such as the Brooklyn Nets and Time Inc., but it seems many more will soon be headed over to this up and coming neighborhood.

Other NYC neighborhoods that made the list were Bushwick, Dumbo, Crown Heights, Williamsburg, Greenwich Village, and Noho.

Needless to say, this city is killin' it at being cool. Well played, NYC... very well played. 

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