Grub Literally on the Go: 8 Absolute Best Summertime Food Trucks in NYC

New Yorkers are all about convenience. 

We practically live off of Seamless, grab the express train whenever possible, and are deeply confused as to why we are still swiping our MetroCards in the year 2016. 

We've grown accustomed to our favorite things being available at our fingertips, and food trucks are no exception to this. 

And we're not talking about "street meat" - no, this is something else entirely. 

Some of New York City's best cuisine is served via motor vehicles that can be found parked all around the city, often accompanied by long lines during the lunch hours. 

But trust us, it's worth the wait. Read on to discover some of the most talked-about and most delicious food trucks that you have to check out this summer. 

1. Morris Grilled Cheese Truck 

Nicki Minaj may have tarnished the term "truffle butter" for grilled cheese lovers everywhere (a true tragedy), but it's worth brushing aside in favor of enjoying the perfect sandwich.


Morris loads their sandwiches with delicious ingredients like caramelized shallots, candied orange peels and fennel butter, all balanced with the perfect amount of cheese. Yaaaaas. 

2. Korilla BBQ


This downtown Brooklyn truck is pretty tough to miss - its bright orange and black tiger stripes can be spotted easily from blocks away. 

Which is perfect, because we'd prefer to always be aware of when Korilla is in the vicinity. Their burritos and bowls are out of this world, and be sure not to forget to load up on their Korilla BBQ sauce. 

The spicy pork is one of their most sough-after items, and for that reason, often sells out, so make sure to get there before the lunch rush. 

3. DiSO's Italian Sandwich Society

We would find the name of this Midtown food truck a tad pretentious if it weren't for the caliber of sandwiches that emerge from its windows. 

DiSO's offers classic Italian sandwiches like chicken parm and meatball, as well as more original varieties. We recommend the "Dapper Don", which is adorned with sopressata, fresh mozzarella, hot cherry peppers, arugula, parmigano reggiano, glazed balsamic dressing. 

Yes, please. 

4. The Halal Guys


This is without a doubt the most homemade-tasting food you'll ever buy off of the street. 

This mega-popular halal truck is now expanding all across the U.S., and for good reason. Customers rave about their delicious concoctions, but most of all, about their famous red and white sauces. 


The truck provides bottles of the stuff so that you can pour it yourself to create the perfect ratio just to your liking. That's what we call service. 


5. Munchie Mobile


Is it just us, or does it seem that all the best foods are the messiest foods? 

This is certainly the case at Munchie Mobile, an East Village food truck serving up the most scrumptiously unique burgers that will require maybe a thousand napkins. #worthit


We recommend the "Kiss of the Dragon", which is topped with bacon, avocado, onion ring, sweet chili and sriacha. OMG. 

6. Snowday


We have three words for you: Maple. Grilled. Cheese.

Yes, you heard us. Snowday's best-loved sandwich, a maple-infused grilled cheese, will leave your taste buds singing "Oh Canada" and cursing the day you ever denounced the Great White North as "America Jr." 

You can find their trucks around Chelsea, which are sure to be accompanied by lines of fellow maple enthusiasts. 

7. El Rey Del Taco Truck  


This is the correct way to do "street meat." 

El Rey Del Taco is the perfect solution to your drunken need for cheap tacos RIGHT NOW, without sacrificing quality. This Astoria-based truck is open late into the night, and sells their tacos for a mere $3.


And best of a - they won't charge you for extra guacamole. Take that, Chipotle. 

8. Wafles & Dinges


If you haven't yet visited Wafles & Dinges' several Manhattan locations, you've certainly smelled it. 

It's happened to all of us - we're making our way through the busy street, probably late to wherever we're going, and it stops us in our tracks. No, not a pile of dog poo. 

We're talking about the heavenly scent of hot waffles and chocolate sauce that sets off an alarm in our heads that practically yells: "MUST ACQUIRE WAFFLES. NOW."

And you should listen to that voice. Treat yo'self to one of their signature waffles topped with all the decadent goodness you could ever dream of - you deserve it. They're tasty enough to eat all by themselves, but you might as well go all out. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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