Because Summer's Almost Over: 8 Absolute Best Date Ideas This Fall in NYC

Summer is a great time to meet people: at outdoor bars, parks, rooftops, pool parties, etc. But fall is by far the best time to start dating these people. 

With the weather a Goldilocks version of just right, you and your date can cuddle and cozy up on each other both indoors and out. You won't be sweating in a summer heatwave, your thighs won't stick to everything you sit on, and it isn't too clammy and awkward to hold hands. 

Fall is the most beautiful season to soak in New York City wonders with another person.

These dates will give you the perfect opportunity to eat, drink, explore new things, and, of course, cuddle afterwards. 

1. Rent bikes 


While bike riding in the summer is fun, there's something about bike riding in the fall.

Whether it's the crisp air tinted by the smell of wood fire, the leaves crunching under your tires, or the light, healthy glow you get on your cheeks from the wind, riding your bike in the fall is awesome. 


The only thing sweeter than bike riding in the fall is bringing along a date to do it with you. 

Rent a bike in the city, ride through the streets and the parks, and stop only when you get to the coziest looking cafe.

2. Coffee shop for seasonal drinks

When you get to the cafe, choose the most pumpkin themed drink you can find (there will be a whole menu in fall's honor), and maybe even get a fall inspired dessert to go with it. You can get to know your date better over a sugar high, and maybe some Irish coffee while you're at it. 

3. Applewood Orchards and Winery

Of course you have to hit the picturesque and mandatory fall apple picking scene. Although apple orchards are super family friendly, they also serve as a great date spot. Applewood Orchards is many New Yorkers' favorite spot for the season.

Imagine, you're too short to pick that one apple that looks really delicious, date comes over to help you out.. You take it from there. 

Also, the place has a great winery where you and your date can enjoy wine and hard cider tastings, a seasonal cafe, and some live music.

4. Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg doesn't end with the summer heat -― check out one of the events going on in September that work as a great date if you're looking for something more adventurous. 

Explore new territory in the area, with each other, and with FOOD. 

There's plenty of artisanal culinary delights along with craft beers and a whole wide selection of other boozy crafts. 

5.  Take a cooking class at Eataly 



Eataly's wide array of cooking classes and tastings offers the perfect date idea in NYC. Take a tour of the place, take part in a wine tasting, or learn how to make fresh pasta from some of the best Italian chefs. 

Hit up one of two (or both) of their locations in NYC, in the Flatiron District and their newest in the World Trade Center. 

6. Visit Jane's Carousel


Go on a timeless and classic date reminiscent of the early 1900's. 

Jane's Carousel was created in 1922, basically the prime of the American Carousel. It's a classic 3 row carousel filled with 48 beautifully designed horses along with two chariots.

Other than Tuesdays, the carousel is open every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets are two dollars. 

We'd do it for ten.

7. Tapas bar

Why go to a restaurant where you and your date are restricted to eating from separate plates? That's just silly. Spark things up with food from a place that knows romance: tapas. 


There's nothing more intimate than sharing a serving of tapas with another person. 

Check out some of our favorite tapas bars in NYC.

8. Boozy brunch 

What's better than brunch? Boozy brunch. What's better than boozy brunch? BOTTOMLESS BOOZY BRUNCH. 

Get a little risque with your date with a daytime meal that can also be accompanied with copious amounts of alcohol -- if you're into that kind of thing.

Afterwards take a walk through the city where you can enjoy the fall through your beer goggles. Have fun jumping out of your way to step on all those crunchy leaves.

Here's a list of bottomless brunches you can find around the city.

[via My Fashionable Life] 

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