The Subway Struggles of Getting Laid in NYC | spoiled NYC

You know the scene. You're getting hot and heavy with someone at the bar. Or maybe it's the club, we don't know how you spend your weekends. 

So you're getting it on, and one of you makes the decision to leave. 

Ideally, you just head to whoever's apartment is closest. In reality, you're probably partying in the East Village, and one of you lives in Harlem and the other one lives in Brooklyn.

This means you've got to somehow get through a one hour subway ride, with two transfers and ten minutes of waiting for each train.

Throughout all this, you have to keep the momentum going. 

You have to keep the tension coasting upward toward bedroom ecstasy.


Watch our newest YouTube video (produced by the hilarious duo of Soresi & Sass--Gianmarco Soresi and Megan Sass-- respectively) below to find out what happens when a New York City subway ride completely ruins any and all sexual tension whatsoever.

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