New Yorkers, Rejoice! Check Out This Subway Savior Handing Out Tickets for Sh*tty NYC Subway Etiquette

You throw garbage down on the sidewalk in New York City, not only are you a disgraceful human being, but you're a litterer. If caught-- God willing --you pay the piper. These are rules. These are laws. There are consequences when you break these laws. 

But that's on the street. These are all written out. You can learn the codes verbatim and recite them while you brush your teeth. You're probably weird AF if that's what you're morning routine consists of, but hey, you do you. 

The problem though, is that too often there's no rule of law that keeps the NYC subway system in line. 

Sure, there are unspoken rules, and there's the MTA etiquette guidelines, but nobody's down there enforcing them on a daily basis. 

At least, there didn't used to be... but now, thanks to the Subway Savior Dean Dimitruk, there's finally somebody giving some tickets to some a**holes. 

From hogging the pole to manspreading, Dimitruk, of Petal Stone Comedy, dolls out small fines to most of the small subway codes New Yorkers violate every single day. 

America's Most Wanted? According to Dimitruk, it's "Showtime."


Check out the video below. The Subway Savior is surely the hero we all need, but is it someone we deserve? Who knows? 

Sh*t on the subway is annoying. It's the absolute worst of humanity on full display, so we would maybe need something a little more intense in their enforcement tactics. 

For the nerds that know, we need someone like The Punisher more than we need the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Actually (again, for the nerds that know), we don't need subway murder, so never mind. 

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