Good Morning, Beautiful: This NYC Subway Rider Woke Up to a Giant Rat Crawling on His Head

Among the ways we want to be woken up in the morning, none of them include a giant rodent scurrying up our body. 

Of course, living in New York City, that's not always an option. 

One man was woken up in exactly that way early Sunday morning while riding the 7 Train around 3 a.m.

We searched the dredges of Instagram Monday morning and found the video captured by the witness to this terrifying greatness, Anthony Lin.

The story is growing more monstrous by the second, but we're still looking for the poor unfortunate soul whose morning was plagued (get it? Bubonic plague? DID YOU GET IT?!) by this large AF rat.

Now, it's one thing to get woken up by a rat or a cockroach in the safety of your own apartment. They've invaded the home front. They've violated the sanctity of our homes. For that, they deserve to die.

But the tables have turned, and now the rats are trying to cop subway snuggles. What do we make of this? Do we deserve to die? Or do they at least deserve the benefit of the doubt and at least a cuddle?

We only know what happens when we give a mouse a cookie. What do you give a rat, and how readily would you film it and put it on Instagram?


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