Anyone who's ever sexted knows that sexting is an art. And what is one to do with a work of art? 

Showcase it to the world, of course! ...Well, to Brooklyn at least. On April 5th, SextingAF, an inaugural art festival dedicated to the art and science of modern flirting, will be coming to Littlefield. 

The best part is where the festival organizers will be sourcing the art from...YOU.

They are now accepting submissions of the best and worst sexts you've received. You have some screenshots saved, don't you? Maybe in the group chat?

And before you enact your revenge plan to blast your ex's nudes in front of thousands of strangers, hold on there, Satan. 

If a submission involves a face, both the sender and receiver in the conversation have to take a pic proving that you have their consent.  


By the way, if your sext is considered dirty talk gold, you might be awarded "Best in Show" and printed up for showcase to be sold at the festival. 

When your screenshot sells, you'll get half the profits; the other half will go towards Planned Parenthood.

Only $30 to cringe at the modern day flirting fails of our generation? What a steal. 

[Feature Image Courtesy TheOdysseyOnline] [via TimeOut NY]