New Yorkers like to think they’re separate from the selfie-stick wielding masses, but a study from the CUNY Graduate Center reports otherwise.

The study, dubbed Inequaligram, uses 7.5 million geotagged Instagram pics to map a profile of which areas of Manhattan have the best ‘gram game, separating visitors to the city from its residents.

On both maps, Times Square is the top spot. This isn’t very surprising, but we’re a little suspicious of all the self-respecting New Yorkers who swear they avoid The Great White Way like the plague.

We know the Times Tower will probably rack up more likes than your frozen Trader Joe’s pizza, but what happened to originality?

Gothamist pointed out that the studies’ findings show over half of NYC residents’ posts are condensed to one fifth of Manhattan. 

That’s better than the visitors’ map, where over half the pics cover about 12 percent of the island, but not by much.

Along with Times Square, visitors and residents share Rockefeller Center, but tourists tend to take their selfies at Midtown locations like Bryant Park, while New Yorkers’ posts move further downtown, like Bleecker and Lafayette.


The ‘gram game of upper Manhattan is seriously lacking. Basically no one posts anything, not even their Starbucks latte, above 110th street.

mpilar87 #Timessquare

“The areas well represented in social media attract more people who spend time and money there,” according to the study. “The invisible areas are less likely to be visited.”

[via Gothamist] 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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