Your shouting at others to pick up the pace isn't going unnoticed.

New Yorkers are fast. We work fast, eat fast and most importantly walk fast. It is just another trait that makes us so different from anyone else. Maybe we should get fast lanes for our sidewalks while we are at it.

Have you ever been to another city and just cringed when you saw the snails pace people are moving at? Ever wonder how fast we really are going?

Pace of Life has created a list ranking cities by how fast it takes people to walk 60 feet. The results: New York City is ranked 8th in the world.

NYC beat all other cities in North America and more obviously, the United States.

So, how did Pace of Life get these results?

Well, they very secretively watched people for a short duration in each city on the same day. They watched 35 men and 35 women who were alone, didn't have any shopping bags, and weren't distracted by their cellphones.

Sounds like you were probably part of the study, right?


A very similar study was done in the 1990's and the latest results show that people are 10% faster than they were back then. 

This isn't so shocking because for the first time in human history the majority of people are living in urban areas. 

As much as we hate to slow down, maybe we should once in a while. Not in NYC, but rather in our own personal lives. 

Ferris Bueller said it the best: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

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[via Richard Wiseman] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]