There seems to be an abundance of scientists that have dedicated their lives to trying to prove bad things for you are actually good for you. 

Like red wineAnd even pasta.

Not all heroes wear capes.

In the latest, research by Oregon State University discovered that xanthohumol, which is found in hops, reduced weight gain in their lab animals.

During the study, published in the Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, the researchers gave mice the frat boy diet– high fat and different levels of xanthohumol. The mice all gained the Freshman 15, but those given xanthohumol gained 22% less weight. 

There were also some other good health effects, like their cholesterol and insulin levels lowered significantly but whatever, they dropped them pounds! Er... them ounces probably.

For the scientists at Oregon State University, convincing us that getting lit at happy hour is gonna give us Chrissy Teigan's bikini bod isn't exactly their priority. Actually, they hope to create a cheap treatment for metabolic syndrome, which will also help people with obesity.

So this is actually pretty helpful stuff. Just not in the way that we selfishly want. Darn.


Thrillist also points out that it would be a lot harder to achieve these effects by ingesting xanthohumol through beer. You might probably shouldn't cancel your gym subscription just yet. 

A 150 pound person would have to chug 3,500 pints per day to achieve the results. So there goes that idea.

Or... challenge accepted?


via sciencedirect

[via thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy puckermob]