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#StruggleBus: 6 Everyday Struggles of Your Tiny AF NYC Apartment

New York...it's the city of possibility. I believe it was the great Alicia Keys who once proclaimed that it's "where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do."

And, for the most part, she's right. There are endless opportunities here when it comes to careers, aspirations, hell, even your love life. 

But in terms of your living situation? The pickings are slim. 

Paintzen is a super fast, super easy painting service to help you totally transform your apartment and make it feel like the home you truly want.

For the majority of us, we've simply got to make the most out of what we've got. And 90% of the time, what we've got is a tiny apartment that we share with 3 roommates and pay WAY too much money for. 

We've got to work harder than the average person to make our homes livable, which would make us angrier if we weren't living in the greatest city in the world. 

It doesn't always have to be hard, though - Paintzen is a super fast, super easy painting service to help you totally transform your apartment and make it feel like the home you truly want.

Paintzen also offers incredible DIY painting kits, including a selection of 3,500 premium Benjamin Moore shades, all of the paint and supplies that you need to complete the job.

Because why shouldn't you have the apartment of your dreams? The struggle is already real enough as it is. 

There's no privacy 

Yes, you and your roommates have your own rooms, but your apartment is so small that you're basically on top of each other 24/7 regardless. 

You pretty much know where everyone is in the apartment and what they're doing at all times. Which is not ideal, especially when your Tinder date goes surprisingly well and you've ended up back at your place "for a drink" (lol). 

Ugh, whatever. 

There's basically zero sunlight


Due to the fact that your building is surrounded by other buildings on three out of four sides, there's not really too much natural light getting in your apartment on a daily basis.

Which means, it's often dingy-looking and super depressing. Not even your strategically placed lamps seem to be doing the trick. 

What does do the trick, however, is a strategically painted accent wall. Thank you, HGTV, for this and many other tidbits of wisdom that you have bestowed upon us. 

And luckily, Paintzen can help you achieve all your interior design goals with their incredible DIY packages. Simply select from over 3,500 Benjamin Moore paint colors, and Paintzen will send you all of the supplies that you need to DIY your place to perfection. 

There's no place to PUT things

Collecting all 7 first-edition, hardcover Harry Potter books seemed like a really good idea at the time, but was suddenly not so feasible upon moving to New York City.

There's hardly room for your bed, let alone non-essentials like books (however much it pains you to admit). 

Looks like your impressive book collection is going to have to double a a bedside table, since you clearly do not have room for both. Ugh. 

Renter's guilt

Of course, you want to go out in the world and do things. You live in NYC for crying out loud. You have adventures to have! You have people to meet! You have things to see!

But more often than not, the ungodly cost of your teeny tiny apartment makes you feel guilty for not hanging out in your abode as often as you can. You pay SO much in rent every month, so you might as well get your money's worth, even if you live in a shoe box, right? 

It makes sense logically, but you've spent way too many boring-ass weekends tucked away in your apartment when you should be out living your LIFE. 

You don't even own this sh*thole


All your Facebook friends are buying homes and having babies and you're over here trying to figure out how to make breakfast without disturbing the family of mice that's currently taking up residence in your pantry. Sigh...

As much as you tell yourself that you're totally fine with your choices, you sometimes wish you had a spacious-yet-cozy Cape Cod in the suburbs to call your own instead of being resigned to renting a virtual closet with three strangers you met on Craigslist. 

But, don't fear. There are plenty of ways to make your NYC apartment home-y AF. It all starts with paint color - and doesn't it feel that much better if you can say that you transformed your home all by yourself? 

Paintzen's DIY painting kits are the perfect way to make you feel truly at home in your place. Within 24 hours, they can deliver all the paint and supplies that you need to totally make over your space with your own two hands. #adulting 

Unrealistic depictions of NYC living

You love a good Netflix marathon as much as the next red-blooded individual, but the amount of wildly unrealistic NYC apartments depicted on television is enough to make you close your laptop screen forever and never look back. (Just kidding. We could ever do that.) 

It makes sense if the show or movie is about fancy rich people, but when average 20-somethings like yourself are seen living in huge, sprawling apartments in the West Village, you can't help but become enraged. 

It's simply not real life. You know this, first hand. 

But at the end of the day, you still count your lucky stars that you have a place in NYC, even if it's smaller than your childhood bedroom closet.

Get Started on Learning How to DIY Your Tiny NYC Apartment with Paintzen Right Here.

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