Because the First Is, By Far, the Absolute Worst: 8 Struggles of Going on THAT First Date in NYC

Don't you envy those couples who talk about their first date like it was some magical adventure? 

Yea, us too. First dates are just plain awful. 

You never know whether or not you're going to have a good meal, let alone like the person. 

Dine's the dating app that simply gets you more dates than any other app. How? You still match based on what you're into, but also where you'd like to go on a date. 

That's why there's Dine

Dine's the dating app that simply gets you more dates than any other app. How? You still match based on what kind of person you're into, but with people actually prepared to on a date.  

Dine basically resolves the headaches of not knowing where the hell in New York City to take your first date. You get to choose 3 of your favorite restaurants, and you match up with people interested in both you and the spot you've picked. 

That way you know you'll at least have an awesome meal, regardless of whether they're a normal human being. 

But if you don't use Dine, you know you're have these major first date struggles. It's up to you, but we know we'd love to avoid these by using Dine.

Poppin' the question

It's time to ask out someone you've been totally digging the last few months. How do you pop the question? 

Will they judge you if you don't ask in person? Should the girl make the first move? What if you totally botch the first conversation? 

This is one reason why Dine has the edge on real life dating. You don't have to worry about messing up the date before it's even begun. You can't go wrong simply because it doesn't let you. 

Not knowing where to go

Every time we ask someone where they'd like to go, we typically get the same answer: "I don't care, where do you want to go?" We know you're lying. 

You know you want to go to that eclectic, Indian joint that just opened but don't want to seem like a hipster food-snob. Then again, we feel the exact same way, but are too embarrassed to mention that we'd even contemplate going to that joint.

Instead, you could have both been eating where you want to eat if you used Dine. You won't have to worry about having a really terrible meal OR a terrible date. Before you 

To shave or not to shave

Ugh, the dreaded predicament. To shave or not to shave. Is your beard leaving the level of nonchalant scruff and entering lumberjack status? Or are you thinking you'll need to go through the extra time and effort to shave your legs?

Regardless, your grooming decisions prior to your first date could make or break your night. 

What to wear?

You have plenty of things in your closet to throw on, but suddenly nothing is first-date worthy. You want to be somewhat sexy, without overloading your date with thoughts of the bedroom post-date. 

Then you're stuck with figuring out whether to stay casual or dress fancy. What if you throw on those Jordans and casual button down, but you're headed to an upscale sports-coat worthy spot spot? 

What if you don an LBD, only to find out you're on your way to a sports bar? 

The. Struggle. Is. Real.

What are you going to talk about? 


As soon as you propose or accept a date, you're probably constantly playing over potential conversations in your head, only to realize you're going to be either talking about yourself too much or interrogating your date. 

Luckily, when you use Dine, you always have at least one conversation starter in common. 

You got this date partially because you have interests the same restaurant, which means you probably have the same taste in food. From there, you can let the conversation grow organically, rather than force one. 

What to order?

Do you get the salad or what you really want? Can you afford what you really want? There are so many anxiety ridden questions that can destroy a date, even before you've begun a conversation. 

Your choice in food matters, mainly because they'll probably judge you for it, just like you will of them. 

Who pays? 

This one is one of the biggest struggles we've ever dealt with. When you go out on a date, do you adhere to the traditional practice of letting the man handle the bill? Or, are you stuck with the horror of realizing that you can't actually pay for the super swanky restaurant your date brought you to?

Wouldn't it be lovely if you could just skip this super awkward portion of the date? Now you can, when you use Dine

Before you even meet your date, it's already been decided whether you'll be footing the bill or you two (or more, because you can go with a group) will be splitting it. 

Boom. Instant mood saver. 

Handshake? High five? Kiss? 


Once the bills been taken care of, you're know faced with the very serious hurdle of how to end the date. By this point, you've probably already determined whether or not you'll be getting a second one, so it's time to end the date right. 

But what if you go in for a kiss and they go in for a hug with the promise to text you tomorrow... What if they want more? What if you simply want to high five and high tail it out of there but they're expecting fireworks? 

If you used Dine, you're probably already in for a second date, or you'll just leave having had a wonderful meal at a place you both chose. Whatever the case, it's not going to be a total loss of a night. 

Do Less Swiping and More Dating By Downloading the Dine Dating App Right Here. 

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