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6 Struggles You'll Absolutely Experience While on the Dating Scene in NYC

Dating can be rough, but dating online is a whole separate beast entirely. 

Typical dating rules are established, and fairly easy to maneuver. Sure, you might not meet your soul mate every single time you go out, but at least you know how to put yourself out there. 

However, online dating is iffy. You essentially have to create a cyber version of yourself that should be representative of who you are IRL, without stretching the truth (too much) or oversharing intimate details about yourself. 

Then, once you get past creating your profile, you have to start playing the field. 

How do you know if this person is actually the same one as they put in their profile? 


How do you know whether or not you're getting hardcore cat-fished? 

There are so many ways to mess up and risk losing your potential soulmate. 

But instead of struggling along, just use Picke

It's the dating app that lets you set the parameters, so you won't have to shuffle through hundreds just to find the one. 

So yeah, if you don't wind up using Picke sooner rather than later, you could end up going through these struggles. 

And trust us, we feel your pain. 

You don't really read the other person's profile

We get it. You're in a rush to find that perfect someone. You probably catch a quick glance at the profile picture, read one or two lines, but then swipe left in the hopes that someone more compatible comes along. 

If you actually took time to read the profile, you might recognize that this gorgeous human actually has many of the same interests as you do, giving you both plenty of talking points. 

Spelling and grammar count

You would never write a business related email, text, or note with a "Hey girl, ur pic is on fleek. holla @ ur boi." If you wouldn't start a conversation like that with a potential boss, why would you consider speaking like that to a potential life partner? 

Instead, start off the conversation with something meaningful, possibly something that indicates that you read the other person's profile, finished the second grade, and can string actual words together rather than relying on slang.

Starting a conversation with "hey."

You might want to connect because they're huge New York Giants fans and your wall is adorned with a signed Phil Simms jersey, but rather than make a comment about the acquisition of whoever and his potential, you lead with a lame, unexciting, "Hey." 

C'mon, you can do better than that. You have a world of opportunity to attract your potential soul mate with something (hint: anything) more exciting than a hey. Make a reference to your shared interest... hell, even if it's knitting, you'll have something to jumpstart the conversation. 

Being creepy (aka, stalker-ish)


Does this really need to be stated? 


Why do guys and girls think it's okay to continuously message someone on a dating website, when the other person is quite obviously not interested. 

Just because you message someone does not mean they are obligated to respond. 

Instead of hoping for something that just isn't going to happen, move on. 

There are plenty of fish in the sea, don't force one to bite. 

Thinking you'll immediately find your soul mate


Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, you won't find your perfect match after just a couple of minute on a dating site. 

You'll probably end up spending a bit of time going through some obvious no's before you find a match... then again, you could end up using Picke, and spend a lot more time talking to the future love of your life because you had the brains to get choosy about online dating.

You're afraid to take the conversation off-line


Here's the thing, just because you chose to use an online dating application doesn't mean you'll never get a real life friendship or relationship out of the mix. 

Unless you're simply looking for a pen pal or to lead someone on and toy with their emotions, you should be more than happy to meet up with a match in real life. A relationship online can only go so far, so it's better to set up a casual date to meet when you're both ready. 

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