Not everything is digital these days, despite the conquests of YouTube, iTunes, Pandora and Spotify (rest in peace, Grooveshark. We loved you a lot).

Sure, most songs you might want to listen to you could conjure up on your smart phone with a couple of clicks, but not all songs.

Even though most of the world has sacrificed physical record stores for the internet, not everyone has. 

There are some rappers who hustle their CDs on New York City's streets because, brilliantly, they recognize the throng of more than 300,000 people who pass through Times Square every day as the opportunity for high profile visibility.

The main thing they're doing? Well, besides spreading the word about their jams, they're pretty much single-handedly trying to prevent CDs from becoming antique relics. Hopefully Macbook airs don't take over the world because then no one will be able to listen to CDs. 

Check out the mini-documentary by Pigeons & Planes to learn about an urban-myth-become-reality: the rappers of NYC who still sell CDs by hand.


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