Collectively, we think it's pretty safe to say that we all love street art. Right? We can agree on that. 

We're lucky that we have so many talented artists creating intricately detailed pieces that challenge social perspective, prove a point, or merely entertain the people of New York City. 

Of course, most of the street art that graces our streets are only viewed from the sidewalks... but given the chance, what would those pieces look like from a different perspective? 

YouTube user, Invincible Don, used a drone to capture video of the Bushwick Collective's street art from various points of view... and we have to say the artwork becomes even more impressive from alternate angles. 


Invincible Don1 captioned this video with this message: 

"Taking a trip through Bushwick, Brooklyn New York City your eyes can't ignore the art on most every walls. Separating Brooklyn from the rest, the beauty can't be denied, these guys and gals are some of the beat not just in America but the world. Hope you enjoy." 

We're in awe at how beautiful these pieces are at any angle. Check out the video below.

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[via Viewing NYC]