If you haven’t already watched Stranger Things on Netflix, go, do it now. This article will wait.

You’ve already seen it? Kewl. ‘Cause have we got some seriously awesome news.

One of Brooklyn’s snazziest watering holes will host three nights of Stranger Things-themed partying, (October 21-23) and you should check it out.

Time Out reports that Lot 45 will host the three nights of fun based after the Netflix-original series that’s captured our hearts and minds and whatever these ‘soul’ things are that we keep hearing about.

There’ll be trivia, a BMX giveaway, a DJ delivering the entirety of the show’s spectacular soundtrack, and of course, costume contests.

We think there will be plenty of Winonas, Elevens, Dustins, Mikes, Lucas, and Sheriffs. Hell, maybe even a few Steves (#mouthbreather). 

But the Barb? We’re betting the hardcore cosplayers break out the mom jeans and checked blouses.


Tickets run $20-60, and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity organizations WOAR and Variety New York, so you can get your geek on and support compelling causes.


Roll your d-20 (that’s a D&D reference, for all you non-D&D’ers) and get your tickets here

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]