It's happening, and it's happening next week. No, it's not good news.

We wish we could bring you good news. We wish we could tell you that, like, starting next week there would be many more subway stations offering much more subway service. We want to hold your hand, tell you everything's going to be okay, and give

However, that's not the case, and we have a duty to the truth. So here it is: 9 stops along the N line in Brooklyn will be closed next week, and they'll stay closed for 14 months.

The stations that will close are all located between Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park and 86th Street in Bensonhurst, according to NBC.

All of the stations' Manhattan-bound platforms will be closed on Monday, and once those are completed, work will start on the Coney Island-bound platforms.

We did report, that at least the trains will be closed for good reason. When these N stations are returned to us somewhere in the far, far future, they'll have LCD countdown clocks, real-time data, digital ad boards, improved information kiosks, and new lights.

Also, by 2018, there will be no more MetroCard. We will be moving into the era of the future, with mobile payments and ticketing methods.


There will also be platform and overpass improvements, new stairways, enhanced safety features, and upgraded communication systems.

The Eighth Avenue Station will become especially spiffy, and will be outfitted with ADA-compliant ramps. New Utrecht Avenue will be getting four elevators installed to make it easier to access the N and D trains.

So, yes, improvements are all very good, and we do understand it would be hard for the MTA to bring about these improvements with tons of commuters passing through the station every day.

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Still, this information comes at us hard, especially since we just recently found out the L train might be closed for years.

Obviously, we're delighted by improvements, but in the short term, devastated by the lack of transportation. We've said it before and we'll say it again, though. We're waiting to see if the MTA keeps its promise and opens the 2nd Avenue subway in December. 

If that happens, we'll start trusting them to keep their promises. Until then, we guess we'll follow MTA's travel alternatives.

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