Money Moving in the City + New York Nico 💸🗣

What’s up New York,

Today will be warmer than previous days and slightly cloudy. ⛅️

The 25% maximum capacity limit for indoor dining is worrying restaurants. 💵🌯

NYC will spend an apparent 1.3 billion dollars on reopening schools.🗽📝

New York’s dining industries contemplate the significance of the COVID surcharge. 💭💸

Remote art community creates space for art lovers of all ages. 🎨👩‍🦳️

The council has extended landlord protection for restaurants and bars into 2021. 🍾🥳️

New York Nico is getting the spotlight he deserves from Elle Magazine. 📱🗣

Song: Charlieshe - Gimmie all your money

App: Skimm Money

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. --Benjamin Franklin

Remote Art Community Serves Artsy Elders 🎨👩‍🦳️

Since COVID-19 struck the city, there have been hundreds of in-person programs that made the switch to digital platforms. The pandemic has taught us new ways of connecting under these circumstances and enabled people to connect as well.

Amongst the communities hit hard by the switch is the digital is the art world, and it has created a warm and open community of art connoisseurs and collectors of all ages. Learn all about the art programs serving older generations with enriching material and why it’s extremely valuable. Read More.

Landlord Protection Extended for Bars and Eateries 🍾🥳️

Restaurant and bar owners are receiving some well-needed support amid rent dues and lease violations. Thanks to the city council, restaurant and bar owners unable to keep up with rent are catching a break until April 2021.

This decision will specifically protect owners from the personal liability clauses in leases keeping homes and life savings safe from landlords. Read More

New York Nico Talks Instagram Fame 📱🗣

Since launching his vlog-style Instagram account, New York Nico has gained a following. His popular unedited videos and posts shine a light on NYC’s signature attitude both the good and bad.

Now, larger media outlets like Elle are shining some light on his diligent efforts to share our city with the world and strengthen the bond between New Yorkers. Read More.

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