New COVID-19 Vaccine Sites Plus Take Home Testing 💉❤️️

What’s up New York,

Today will be partially cloudy with a small chance of showers, so bring along your poncho if you’re traveling. ☁️

A critical community effort has launched a community fridge containing vegan staples for free. 🥬️😍

Ice rinks in Central Park will stay open for programming until April 4th, 2021.🥶️💗

At-home COVID-19 tests have finally arrived in NYC thanks to the long-awaited launch of Wellness 4 Humanity. 🔍🔬

Substantial vaccination sites have opened up for New Yorkers today, both in Queens and Brooklyn.💉❤️️

Are New York movie lovers prepared for the reopening of movie theaters? 🌃🎬

Get lost within the breathtaking work of Vincent Van Gogh when you visit this new immersive exhibit opening in the city.🎟🎨

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Vegan Community Fridge Supporting New Yorkers 🥬️😍

Similar to other initiatives serving New Yorkers during tough times, a new fridge full of free food has popped up in the city. The community fridge located in the East Village is providing vegan food items to the public.

Read more about the function of the fridge in the community, how it is helping individuals, and maybe even how to create one in your neighborhood. Read more

Skating Rinks Remain Open This Winter 🥶️💗

Almost 200 children in the city are rejoicing after news the Central Parks will remain open for the remainder of the season. Ice skating and other recreational activities dependent on the rink will continue this winter.

Find out more about the decision and hours of operation. Read more

New Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Preps to Open 🎟🎨

After a successful opening in Toronto, Paris, and Chicago, the immersive Van Gogh exhibit is here in NYC. Visitors enjoy more than half an hour of musical and visual art perfectly blended.

You can get your tickets as early as the presale date, March 1st, and plan your visit. Read more.

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