Safety Across Industries and Boroughs in NYC🚲🌃

What’s up New York,

Cheers to getting through another week, pat yourself on the back. We’re going to have a cloudy and chilly Wednesday but that’s even more of a reason to bring the sunshine with you today. ☁️

Forget the subway, busy highways, and traffic because Revel is letting New Yorkers secure an e-bike subscription for a small monthly fee. 🚲🌃

NYPD says hundreds of cops are being stationed in subways and on streets to further secure the city and keep travelers safe. 👮🚓

Rising comedian Justin Covington talks about keeping spirits high and staying safe during the pandemic in the city. 😂🗣

Get acquainted with the statistics in your neighborhood, thanks to these updated coronavirus case numbers. 🤒💻

Students and neighborhood residents in Queens are receiving necessary assistance from a Buddhist temple also functioning as an emergency food pantry. 🍞🥛

Black and brown artists have collectively struggled with security during the coronavirus shutdown and some artists are speaking with NY1 about their experience. 🎭💵

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Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.

-- Publilius Syrus

Justin Covington Talks Laughter as Medicine 😂🗣

Justin Covington thinks that Dance Dance Revolution, the heart-pumping music-filled interactive game, would help people stay just a little healthier nowadays. Vulture took up some of Justin’s time to talk about staying healthy indoors during quarantine, comedy, and life.

Hear about ways you may be able to improve your mental health and more information on Covington’s future projects in this recent interview. Read more.

The United Sherpa Association Launches Food Bank 🍞🥛

Lines continue to form outside of the Buddhist temple in Queens that is serving as a functional food pantry for New Yorkers. The United Sherpa Association launched the food program to supply essential dietary staples like grains, legumes, and more to everyone regardless of citizenship status or otherwise.

Learn more about the initiative and those making this indispensable resource possible. Read more.

How POC Survive as Artists in New York 🎭💵

How does an artist sustain themselves in a city that is only concerned with businesses and professionals deemed essential? To better understand the struggles of POC working in the art world, NY1 asked DonChristian Jones, founder of Public Assistants about his experiences.

Hear from Jones and other art professionals about obstacles faced, resources that have made an impact, and more. Read more

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