NYC Embracing All of Its Colors 🏳️‍🌈💰

What’s up New York,

TGIF! After a bizarre and short-lived snowstorm this week, today ushers in clear and sunny skies.❄️

As if looking forward to warmer spring weather wasn’t enough, there’s a bunch of restaurants ready to open their doors in the Spring of 2021. 🍛🥳️

A new photo exhibition celebrates 12 LGBT elders that once lived their truth in secret. 📸🌈

The LGTBQ community and business owners in NYC are receiving long-overdue recognition from the Department of Small Business Services.🏳️‍🌈💰

A film funded by Trans Filmmakers Project, IFP Narrative Lab, and others is receiving a UK deal. Garden Left Behind follows the main character as they try to navigate NYC as an undocumented immigrant and trans youth. 🎥🥂

"Our Light Through Darkness” is a photography collection from filmmaker LaQuann Dawson, celebrating LGTBQ creatives and stories. 📖📷

President Joe Biden’s selection for assistant HHS secretary, Rachel Levine will be the first openly transgender federal official confirmed by the U.S Senate. 🎊📰

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It is imperative that every human being’s freedom and human rights are respected, all over the world.–

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir 

LGBTQ Business Owners Get Benefits From SBS 🏳️‍🌈💰

Almost two years since previous city council-member Ritchie Torres introduced a bill that required the SBS to certify LGBTQ-owned businesses, some progress has arrived.

The Department of Small Business Services will be giving LGTBQ owned business owners access to essential benefits, city contracts, educational programs, and more. Read More.

Spring Will Bring Restaurant Openings To New York 🍛🥳️

New York has not lost its resilience! Restaurant owners of 7 Grain Army, Daughter, and other eateries are planning to open their doors in the Spring of 2021.

Read more about each restaurant's menu and how they overcame the odds to set an opening date amidst pandemic uncertainty. Read More

LGBTQ+ Seniors Star in Candid Photography 📸🌈

The luxury building known as The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights will now be home to a moving art exhibition. The collection of photography titled, “Not Another Second” will consist of portraits of individuals that have only recently shared their sexuality publicly.

Read about each of the 12 seniors that participated and how they found themselves living a free and transparent life. Read More

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