Hey, remember those pizza rats that were all the rage forever ago? Weren't they hi-larious? No? You don't care? 

How about baseball? Do you like baseball? Staten Island's baseball team has some exciting news. 

Maybe you care about Staten Island’s baseball team. Did we even know Staten Island had a baseball team? Nope. Did we care? Also nope.

The Staten Island Yankees are hunting for a new team name, and one of the five contenders is The Pizza Rats.

Eater reported that the Pizza Rats is one of five options in the running for Staten Island’s minor league baseball team.

On their website, under the description for the Pizza Rats, the minor league team justifies the potential choice by saying the pizza rats “are tenacious, enterprising, and know where to find the best food in the city.”

We’ve met our sass quota, so make your own Pizza Rat jokes here.


The other options are: Staten Island Bridge Trolls, Staten Island Heroes, Staten Island Rock Pigeons, and the Staten Island Killer Bees.

We’d be fine if they claimed the title of the Killer Bees, a shout-out to the Wu Tang Clan, but we’re not so sure everybody else would be cool with that. 


Of course, at the end of the day, we literally can't think of anything more inconsequential than a minor league baseball team, especially one in Staten Island. 

Of course, if Rizzo the Rat Muppet is the mascot, well, we're down to catch a game or two. 

[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy RantNow]