What does Seattle have that New York doesn't? A ton of rain, a football team in the playoffs, the Space Needle, and a Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. 

What might New York City be getting in the near future? Well, it's not the rain, playoff football, or the Space Needle...

Starbucks is in the final stages of talks to call New York City home to one of the largest Starbucks outposts in the world.

Even though the coffee empire already has 220 locations in Manhattan alone-- pretty much one on every street corner --this new Roastery would become only the second Starbucks Roastery, and the only one outside of Seattle. 

The space was in talks to become a showroom for Tesla Motors, but talks broke down, giving Starbucks the opportunity to swoop in.

The lease is expected to become official by the end of this month.


The space, located at 860 Washington Street, is expected to house the Roastery, a restaurant, and a cafe.

Plans for this second roastery have long been in the works, the location for which, though, were never settled on until now... hopefully. The Meatpacking District location would roast Starbucks' new chain of upscale Reserve lines currently available at a Chelsea Starbucks location at 525 West 26th Street.

Really though, this idea needs to work. It's too expensive not to. 

starbucks Goodnight 2015, good morning 2016. #NewYearsEve #CoffeeLove #Regram: @MissCasey614

The Roastery will occupy a roughly 25,000-square-foot space. They would take up the entire 10-story, 114,000-square-foot property, and sources told The Real Deal that the asking price for rent is around $300 per square foot on the ground floor, and $600 on the second. 

So while it might seem like just another Starbucks location New Yorkers could haplessly stumble upon in any other corner of the city, this roastery isn't. It'll be interesting to see how long this Roastery can keep its doors open without getting priced out of the neighborhood, but then again, it's Starbucks.

Their pockets are deep.

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[via The Real Deal] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]