Did you ever pop into a Starbucks hoping to just grab a quick cup of coffee, only to find yourself having to wait in line behind 8 people all ordering the most complicated drinks known to mankind?

Yeah, us too. 

However, in an attempt to refocus the brand's image from Frappucino machine to gourmet coffee connoisseur, the franchise will open a massive, 20,000 square-foot roastery and retail shop in 2018. 

As if Starbucks wasn't enough of a presence in New York City.

Though we're not so sure if such a shift is possible, the plans have been confirmed for the "Starbucks Death Star" to open in the Meatpacking District.

The shop will mimic Starbucks' original roastery in Seattle, WA, with a special focus on their Reserve coffee lines. 

We knew this could happen, but we didn't know if it was like, Facebook official or still in the, "We're just hanging out, having fun stage of our relationship."


But it's official. 

Yes, much like Chipotle's move to re-brand by adding burgers into the mix, Starbucks will share their airs of exclusivity with these reserve brews for everybody. 

Customers will be able to sample these coffees as well as get a first hand look at the roasting process. 


In addition to the Starbucks Reserve retail shop that already exists in Chelsea, and the line of Reserve coffees currently offered at the chain's Williamsburg location, we can expect to see even more of these small, Reserve-focused shops popping up in NYC. 

Get your macchiatos while you can, kids, they might not be around for long. 

Kidding. They will. 

But if you actually like your coffee and can stomach owning up to actually liking Starbucks for whatever that's worth to anybody at all, well, get ready for a taste of the choicest reserve brews. 

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Dwell]