Good news, everyone! The latest cup of crazed coffee controversy is already brewing.

Starbucks is making more bold moves with their cup color schemes. There, consider yourself warned.

Three distinct shades, all in pastel, of blue, yellow, and green, will be arriving in the United States and Canada on March 16th.

The cups even come with little spring doodles apparently drawn on.

Now, without knowing, I wonder: are they real, done up right in front of the customer? Or did someone draw a few designs and then they got stamped on a half-bajillian cups before shipping out?

Either way, I'd hate for someone to take time out of their day, and have to draw something on my coffee cup to make a dollar.

In fact, I'd rather swill from a rusty tin can than inconvenience someone to artificially try and improve my day with seasonal corporate branding cheer. It won't make any difference if there's an umbrella, a flower, you name it, on the thing— I came to drink joe.


But it's just a cup! Let it go! I can just see the scandals over cup color brewing now.

But I'd just like to remind everyone that we've seen cups do strange things to seemingly level-headed people before. In 2015, Starbucks' red holiday cups showed how much stock gets put (unbelievably) in coffee cup color.


Some strange symbolism may yet be wrung from the three new designs, and incite riot. So, enjoy the spring pastels and little pictures— or ignore them, and get on with your day.

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