Starbucks' plan for further nationwide takeover is making moves to offer more than just basic lattes.

Following last year's investment in Italian-food caterer Princi, the Seattle-based cafe will now serve Italian baked goodies with your gross pumpkin spice lattes at its Chicago and New York locations, Time Out NY reported.

Starbucks' new chain will start brewing and baking at its first kitchen in Red Hook on 160 Van Brunt Street.

Get ready to order pizza, pasta, antipasti and egg dishes, which the Milan-based bakery specializes in, along with your tall Komodo Dragon.

Because you know you'd totally choose a big-name chain over the hundreds of authentic Italian food restaurants around NYC.

While the opening date is still being determined, you can enjoy Princi's baked goods at Starbucks' high-end coffee shop chain Starbucks' Reserve Roastery in Chelsea.

The Roastery–with a flagship in Seattle–is scheduled to debut next year as Starbucks' largest location in the world.


Start praying that we won't have to say 'goodbye' to those delicious pirate cake pops, though. 

The new Chelsea location's only opposition is probably from Dunkin' Donuts lovers, while the Alphabet City location hasn't been so lucky.

The new East Village spot has seen tons of unhappy protestors against its opening on the historically-independent St. Mark's Place. 

We'll just have to sit back with our pink drinks to see what happens as the drama percolates. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Starbucks] [via Time Out NY ] 

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