Ever wonder what happens to the Starbucks food that doesn't get purchased? Luckily, none of it will ever see the inside of a trashcan in the near future. 

Starbucks has just announced that they are expanding on their existing collaboration with Food Donation Connection, while also adding a new partnership with Feeding America to provide meals to the needy by donating unsold food. 

Prior to this announcement, Starbucks only donated its unused pastries since 2010 due to US food safety policies that curtailed the donation of any item past their expiration date, even if the item is still safe to eat. 

According to Thrillist, Starbucks baristas were legally forced to trash any item past its due date, but through research and quality-assurance testing, they have found a way to donate all of its unsold product, not merely its pastries. 

"Our hope is by taking this first step, other companies will see the possibility for their participation and together we will make great strides in combatting hunger," stated Cliff Burrows, the group president of US stores. 

To be honest, we're pretty sure that a turkey and pesto panini is much more nutritional (and more welcome) to a hungry person in need than a buttery croissant with limited nutritional value. 


The new collaboration hopes to provide almost 5 million meals to those in need in this year alone through the ability to donate all unused food, not simply pastries. 

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[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy NBC News]