Ah, the SS United States, one of the world's most elegant ocean liners. If boats could talk, we bet the SS United States could regale us with some crazy nautical tales.

Naturally, we've wanted it in our city during all the months its fate was being deliberated. Luckily, it looks like the massive ship could be heading to New York City.

Yesterday the SS United States Conservancy, the owners of the ship, sent out a press release revealing that the ship will be redeveloped, and that the details about its redevelopment will be announced at a press conference on February 4th.

Curbed reported that the ship is currently docked on the Delaware River in Philadelphia next to an Ikea.

The ship's proximity to the Ikea is a silly coincidence, because one of its redevelopment plans could involve bringing the ship to Red Hook and turning it into a mixed-use development.

We'd be pretty stoked about that idea, but the conservancy won't provide any more information aside from the fact that they've just signed with a major redevelopment partner, and that the ship has an exciting future.


Regardless of the Red Hook plan, spearheaded by John Quadrozzi Jr., the most likely scenario seems to involve the ship moving to New York City.

All the puzzle pieces fit, to us, especially since the press conference will be held on Manhattan's west side.

thekennedylegacy Save the SS United States! #ssunitedstates

In an ominous time last year, it seemed like the ship would be scrapped. However, last minute donations rescued the giant liner, and campaigns helped the conservancy raise the funds (around $60,000 a month) to keep the boat docked in Philly.

What's the coolest scenario we can imagine for the ship? Well, being able to dine on it in Brooklyn would be pretty cool. 

Really, though, we just want to be able to board it, stare out into the water, and let the wind blow through our air. If we have a beer in our hands while that's happening, well, that's all the better.

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