Luck's Got Nothin' to Do with It: 7 Best Irish Spots for St. Patrick’s Day Food in NYC

Prepare yourselves, New Yorkers, because our streets will soon be inundated with belligerent, Guinness-chugging leprechauns wearing shirts that read things to the likes of, "Irish I Was Drunk." 

Instead of joining the masses of frat-boys and tourists celebrating Saint Patrick's Day to the detriment of their livers, how about you celebrate in a more civilized, and frankly, less dangerous manner? 

Get yourself out to your favorite Irish pub or restaurant serving salty sweet heaps of cabbage and corned beef while sipping on some Irish whiskey. 

We're not saying don't get drunk... We're just saying you should enjoy some delicious Irish cuisine prior to. 

Here are some of our favorite spots serving up Irish grub in NYC:

1. Molly's Pub (287 3rd Avenue)


As one of the most authentic Irish pubs in NYC, you can't pass up an Irish meal at Molly's. Whether you're looking for Irish lamb stew with chunks of veggies, lamb and potatoes, or traditional fish and chips, you're in the right place. 

We're chowing down on their tender corned beef and cabbage that has been slow cooked with boiled potatoes, carrots, and parsley sauce. 


Have some picky eaters? Don't worry. 

They also serve classic American pub food, so it's a safe bet you'll find something for everyone at Molly's

2. Hudson Hound Restaurant & Bar (575 Hudson Street)


If you're looking for a modern pub with incredible local and Irish beers, seasonal menu items that will please the staunchly authentic and the gourmet epicurean. 

We're loving their "smokies" as an appetizer, though we're not sure vegetarians would. It's smoked haddock with creme fraiche, scallions, tomatoes, and dubliner cheddar cheese. 

Heading there for brunch? Try the corned beef hash with home fries, cherry tomatoes, sweet onions, chorizo, french beans and a panko crusted fried poached egg. It's insanely delicious. 

Not feeling the hash? Have the traditional full Irish breakfast with two eggs, Irish bacon, sausage, roasted tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, black pudding, boxty potato cake (an Irish Potato pancake), baked beans, and Irish whole wheat bread. 

3. Tir na Nog (315 West 39th Street)

Yes, we know that Tir na Nog is right near Times Square, but don't hold that against it. It's serving some truly incredible Irish food to get you in the mood for Saint Patrick's Day. 

Just heading in on a normal day prior to Saint Patrick's Day? Try the "Tir na Nog Shepherd's pie" with braised lamb, carrots, peas, and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.


Heading there on Saint Patrick's Day? Order the corned beef and cabbage or the bangers and mash from their Saint Patrick's Day menu. Just be prepared to wait in line because, well, it's sort of a big holiday for Irish folk. 

4. McQuaids Public House (589 11th Avenue)


Looking for a cheap meal and great conversation? Head to McQuaids. Sure, it doesn't have happy hour deals, but with prices like $4 a pint, it's hard to beat. 

Sure, it might be a little dive-y, but what's more Irish than friendly staff, cheap booze, soccer on the TV, and excellent pub food? Uh, nothing. 

Plus, where else can you get lamb shank for $10.95 in NYC?!


5. The Irish American Pub (17 John Street)

Stuck in the financial district? Try The Irish American Pub. It may not be the most authentically Irish pub in NYC, but it's certainly a fun place with killer food, pub games, and great drinks. 


We're ordering the Jameson infused wings. Why? Because they're both genius and insanely delicious. Plus, how else can we drink our Guinness and take a shot on the pool table while still munching on something tasty? 

6. Puck Fair (298 Lafayette Street)


If you truly love Irish pubs, you need to get yourself to Puck Fair. It's one of the best pubs in NYC, serving Guinness the way it's meant to be drunk, meaning less watery and a tad sweeter than most pints you receive at dive bars. 

It's typically a crowded restaurant, so you might have a tad wait time, but it's more than worth it. Try the guinness battered fish & chips. Or, simply try the curry fries. They're perfect for a quick bite to eat between pints. 

7. The Bailey Pub & Brasserie (52 William Street)


Looking for a more upscale Irish pub? Try The Bailey. It's cozy, yet still modern, and has some truly incredible food. 


For starters, we're diggin the oak smoked salmon served with boxty Irish potato cakes, with a lemon creme fraiche. Then try the shepherd's pie with guinness gravy, carrots, and peas, served with hand cut fries. 

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