This Little Piggy Went to... the Bahamas? Guess Who's Going Swimming with the Pigs This Weekend!? | spoiled NYC

Hey. Nice to meet you

I’m the girl behind Girlwanderlist, a travel blog where I check off my list, one adventure at a time. 

 My “33 for 33” list ranges from broad and oddly specific items, to wildly random tasks that, when completed, make for ridiculous stories you'd have to read to believe such as something seemingly simple like... swinging at the edge of a fjord in Norway!

Oh, and pretty pictures too! All of which can be seen on my Instagram account right hereHaving just returned from a trip all over the world where I was able to check off 19 of my 33 list items. 

What's up next? I'm swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas.

That’s right. Pigs. Swimming. Bahamas. 

You may have heard about the pigs that inhabit one of the 365 cays that make up the Exuma Islands, in the Bahamas. Pig Island has a technical name (Big Major Cay), but Pig Island is much more fun, so we’ll go with that.

Legends and myths about the pigs’ appearance on the tiny island obviously swirl around like a high school rumor. I mean who doesn’t love a good mystery? 

Some suggest the pigs were dropped off by a group of sailors who intended to return and cook them up at a later date, but alas, never did. Others claim they swam ashore after a shipwreck. The truth of it though? It’s all about the smell.


Pigs are not squeaky clean, of course. They are dirty, and they stink. Even tropical ones. The owner brought them to their own little piece of heaven so they could live the dream, without offending the noses of the island’s human population. That is, until they were used for food.

These days the pigs have become quite the attraction. I mean, let’s be real: pigs swimming in crystal clear water, their hooves rhythmically paddling along-- it's definitely a sight to behold. 

They bask in the sun, roaming freely on their sandy island in the middle of paradise. Of course, swimming may not be the pigs’ natural first choice in transportation. However, they have motivation in the form of one of their favorite past times: FOOD. 

The sound of a boat’s motor is their version of the old timey dinner triangle. Tourists and locals alike bring scraps to feed them, and the pigs are happier than pigs in – well, you get the point.


Being that I love both animals and the completely random, this experience was a no-brainer for my list. Level 10 excitement has hit, and I can’t wait to check this off. 

I’m headed to Staniel Cay-- the island right next to Pig Island --in just two days time to take a dip with the piggies. I may not be 100% bikini ready, but at least I’ll be in good company.

In between naming the piglets, I’ll be taking over spoiled NYC's Instagram and Snapchat, sharing photos and videos of my new pig friends, and the warmth of the Bahamas. 

It’s going to be sow amazing. SOW. AMAZING.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]