Groovin' & Movin' Right Through the Holidays: What We're Listening To This Weekend

It seems like everywhere you go in New York City right now, Christmas music is assaulting your ears from every angle. 

Whether you're fighting your way through Times Square or strolling your way to Court Square, it seems like seven out of ten speakers within earshot are playing the same Christmas songs you've heard forever.

So we recommend the following artists for your listening pleasure, even if it's just to tune out Mariah Carey for the eight millionth time. 

We’re running down a list of what’s on our playlists, which artists are peaking our interests, and what new releases we’re into right now. It’s “What We’re Listening To This Weekend.”

This week, we have a variety ranging from Pusha T's hot new album to Kaki King's psychedelic instrumentals. 

Disclaimer: there is one Christmas music playlist on here, but it is most assuredly a joke and you should crank it! By the way, this list is alphabetical. We're not ranking anything. How can you even compare these artists?

1. B.I.C. - "My Moms"

B.I.C., or as they're better known, Bitches is Crazy, are a four-man group hailing from the Bronx. 


"My Moms" is a Taavi-produced track that slays by 45 seconds in. If you're just getting on the B.I.C. train now, that's OK. Spend some time on their SoundCloud, definitely check out their album,

2. Butcher Knives - Misery

This eclectic group covers a lot of sonic ground, with influences like The Clash, Gogol Bordello, and Manu Chao. They hail from all over the world, NYC's Butcher Knives has roots in Morocco, Israel, Colombia, Miami, and New Orleans. 

3. Dent May - "I'll Be Toned for Christmas: A Holiday Fitness Mix"

Dent May is a goofball from Mississippi living in LA, and he makes incredibly cheesy and catchy music. In a sense, it's timeless-- but it also sounds very rooted in a given era.

These self described "future oldies" are great, but check out his Christmas playlist. It has nothing to do with exercise. 

4. Kaki King - Glow

Kaki King is more than just an instrumental guitarist. Her albums carry weight in a way that most contemporary artists can't come close to. 

She's one of the stars of the New York Winter Jazz Festival coming up in January, and her set won't be one to miss. Imagine psychedelic projection mapping on a screen
and her guitar. Check out the visuals here.

5. Kurt Vile/Steve Gunn - Parallelogram 

As part of a five-album collection with Three Lobed Recordings, Kurt Vile and Steve Gunn put together their LP for the Parallelogram collection. The collection is two years in the making, and celebrates the label's "improbable fifteenth anniversary." 


Improbable because, in the label's words, it's "largely operated by cats." Hey man, that's cool. Cats know good music. 

6. Pusha T - "M.P.A. featuring Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, and the Dream. Produced by J. Cole"

While the rest of Pusha T's new album,
Darkest Before Dawn, has a significantly darker and grittier feel than "M.P.A.," this standout track distills what much of the rap game is about right now, with some of the most popular talent on the scene today. 

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