We Finally Figured Out How You Can Get Your Hands on Free Hamilton Tickets

We've done a lot of soul-searching. We've looked inwards. We've atoned for our sins, prayed to the old gods and the new, and we've come to the conclusion that what we want more than anything this world or any world after can offer, is a free ticket to Broadway's Hamilton

That said, we've done some city-searching too. We've looked high, low, near, far, beside, beneath, and a bunch of other prepositions that mean very little to anyone.

While we've done everything short of witchcraft or ritualistic sacrifices, we think that maybe, just maybe, we've found a way to get free tickets to Hamilton.

In retrospect, we're actually really surprised at how long it took for us to come to this conclusion. Hindsight is 20/20? Who knows? 

The mysteries of the universe are not for us to solve, however. We're not ones to solve cosmic riddles or unanswerable questions. We're merely here to capitalize on our own good fortunes. 

So, we're paying it forward. 

Yes, we're giving you the tools and know-how on getting your very own free tickets to Hamilton. Because we're good people. We're kind souls. We've got to give the people-- give the people what they want!


And what do the people want? They want free tickets to Hamilton. It's the hottest ticket on the planet. So, we made a simple how-to. 

Believe us, it's incredibly simple. Our newest YouTube video, produced by the hilarious duo of Soresi & Sass (Gianmarco Soresi and Megan Sass, respectively), goes into excruciating detail as to just easy it is to get the mythical free tickets to Hamilton.

Of course, out of fear that you might actually do something as stupid as what this video suggests you do to get these Hamilton tickets, we should tell you that it's incredibly illegal.

So, no; we don't know how to get Hamilton tickets for free, but check out our video, and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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