This is sure to spark some conversation about our iconic skyline.

Ever just stare at the Empire State's ever-changing aurora and try to figure out what the colors of any particular night mean? Ever just wish you could plop your favorite color onto the building for all of New York City to see?

Well, you might wanna think smaller.

Spireworks is an app that has been around for two years in beta testing and recently caught a new light when a BuzzFeed reporter tweeted out that he was with someone changing the colors of the Bank of America Tower's spire.

The app was created by the Durst Organization and can be used on two buildings, 1 Bryant Park and 4 Times Square. They're both owned by, you guessed it, the Durst Organization.

So, how can you get your hands on this app? Well, that's the tricky part. 

As we said before, the app has been around for more than two years and is still considered in beta testing. But that seems like a big stretch for something that's proven to work.

In order to get the app, you need an invitation from another user. So, anybody know anyone in the Durst Organization buildings? Because we would love to meet them.


After two years stuck in "beta testing" it doesn't seem like the public will actually get this app. And for good reason, too. Could you imagine the poorly choreographed light show that would consume the skyline every night?

Maybe we should just appreciate these colors from afar instead of trying to impress someone at the bar.

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[via Mic] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]