Spend a Day in Jersey for an Epic Philanthropic Workout and Cheat Meal with pastaRAMEN

 Indulge your taste buds guilt-free with pastaRAMEN and JoeySundays_ during the Cheat Like A Pro event this Sunday, November 19th, at 1 pm at Iron Culture North Bergen (7700 River Rd).

Photo bypastaRAMEN and Iron Culture

This unique experience, hosted by Iron Culture's own Joe Taggart, widely known as Joey Sundays, promises to combine the intensity of a professional-style workout challenge with the irresistible allure of savoring the ultimate cheat meal crafted by pastaRAMEN Chef Robbie Felice.

A Fusion of Fitness and Flavor

Fitness enthusiasts and food lovers alike will converge at Iron Culture for an unforgettable day that seamlessly blends physical exertion with culinary delight. Joe Taggart, an icon in the fitness community and the driving force behind Iron Culture, will lead participants through a pro-style workout challenge, pushing boundaries and fostering a sense of community among attendees.

Following the invigorating workout, participants and spectators will be treated to an extraordinary feast prepared by the culinary maestro, Chef Robbie Felice of pastaRAMEN. Known for his innovative approach to flavors and textures, Chef Felice promises to elevate the concept of a cheat meal to new heights, leaving taste buds tingling with delight.

A Philanthropic Twist

Beyond the sweat and savory delights, this collaboration between New Jersey's hottest new restaurant and Premier Gym carries a deeper significance. The Cheat Like A Pro event isn't just about satisfying your cravings; it's a philanthropic effort with all profits from the event dedicated to supporting Eva's Village, a non-profit organization, tirelessly works towards alleviating poverty, hunger, homelessness, and substance use disorders. By participating in this event, attendees aren't just indulging in their guilty pleasures; they're making a meaningful contribution to a great cause.

Join the Movement

Tickets for this exceptional event are priced at $50, offering participants access to both the invigorating workout session and the delectable pastaRAMEN feast. Spectators are equally encouraged to join in, showing their support for this charitable initiative and the community coming together for a common cause.

For more details about the Cheat Like A Pro event and to secure your tickets, please visit Cheat Like A Pro Tickets.

Mark your calendars, bring your appetite, and get ready to Cheat Like A Pro with Iron Culture and pastaRAMEN on November 19th!

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