Finding Amazing Roommates Is Easier Than You May Think

Roommates- you can’t live with them, and in a place like New York City, you usually can’t afford to live without them. Just kidding. While roommates sometimes get a bad reputation for drunkenly eating your food at 3 AM or using up all the hot water, it turns out that living with other people can actually turn out to be an awesome experience.

I mean just think about it. New York is a tough city where you can often feel lonely, despite being surrounded by millions of people. So wouldn’t it be nice to come home and hang out with a few roommates that also doubled as good friends after work every day?

Plus, living with roommates means you’ll always have someone to help you zip up your dresses, let you in when you forget your keys on the kitchen counter, and laugh over the details of your cringe-worthy Hinge dates. Yep, great roommates are worth their weight in gold and you can always count on them to have your back. Plus, who doesn’t love saving money on rent each month by splitting the bill?

If you’re still not convinced, SpareRoom, the roommate finding app and website, recently created a series of videos that features a group of New Yorkers who serve as proof that living with roommates can be a really rewarding experience.

The videos, which feature Natalie, Maytee, Lizzie, Korey, and Chaniel, give you a glimpse of the good times that result from cohabitating with others, as well as the sometimes less than ideal moments. From bonding over beers and movies on the couch to hitting up the neighborhood pizzeria for a “family” dinner or pitching in to clean up the apartment as a group, it’s not hard to see that having a cool group of people to live with can really have a positive impact on your life.


In addition to forming a special bond with your roommates, you can actually learn a lot from living with other people. Korey said, “I've learned that people function differently and have different definitions of comfortability. Not everyone is as OCD as me and likes to have everything spotless and it's not their responsibility to work hard to maintain my unrealistic standards of cleanliness.” That being said, he also pointed out that when you live with roommates, “it's just as much your home as it is theirs and you should be able to live as you please as long as it doesn't impede on their lifestyle.”

Elizabeth said that she shares a lot of the same interests and passions as her roommate and they normally go out together or spend nights at home watching tv. When it comes to her ideal living situation, she revealed that she would, “definitely prefer living with a roommate, especially having one that is a close friend.”

So, where do you find these unicorn roommates that we’re talking about? Well, it’s actually easier than you might think. All you have to do is check out SpareRoom.


Since the company launched in 2004, it has helped thousands of people find the perfect living situation by taking the headache out of hunting around the internet for potential roommates and sublets. Unlike websites such as Craigslist, SpareRoom is simple, straightforward and heavily moderated. So, you don’t have to comb through sketchy, misleading ads or deal with a bunch of weirdos offering you a free room in exchange for foot photos. Yeah, only in NYC.

We all deserve to live in an apartment we love with amazing roommates that we actually want to spend time around. So it’s about time that you stop settling for random roommates and finally find the living situation you’ve always dreamed of, with a little help from SpareRoom, of course! 

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