Dreams Really Do Come True: Check Out How SpareRoom Gave Someone Free Rent for an Entire Year

Oh, remember that time our friends at SpareRoom said they were going to give one lucky winner free rent for an entire year

Sure, you might have been skeptical. Hopefully a bunch of you entered, while many probably saw the whole ordeal as just too good to be true.

In fact, only 16,698 people entered. That's less people than who entered giveaways we promoted for trips to Hawaii, Costa Rica, and other destinations that were maybe 4-5 nights of fully-funded fun. 

This was an entire year of rent. 

Well, it happened, and a girl named Emma Sandler won! 

However, she didn't simply get a check in the mail, oh no... we helped SpareRoom take it over the top in their extravagant, surprise presentation of the check.

And we caught it all on tape. Here's the livestream you might have missed: 

To present the winnings, was a Prince Harry impersonator along with two royal guards, all dressed in full, authentic-looking uniforms.

Through the hidden camera, we watch the royal trio come into a restaurant, where Emma and a friend are sitting, having a meal. The two immediately notice the commotion surrounding the "prince and his guards" entering the room and taking their seats.

Ultimately, after being lured to the table by Emma's friend, (who was clearly in on the whole ordeal), the prince gets to talking with Emma about the unbearably expensive rent in NYC, and concludes by saying that he is "feeling generous today." 

Shout out to that giant ass check of $12,924!

Needless to say, the recipient was completely shocked. Here's the video.

"This is definitely going on my tinder profile", she jokes while posing for a photo with the giant check. Congrats Emma! We're both happy for you and painfully envious. 

Anyway, we lose this round. And anybody who didn't enter, well, you missed out. 

But don't worry, SpareRoom is giving away free rent every single month. Enter this month's Live Rent Free Giveaway right here.