New York City is a big city. 

Sometimes, this comes in handy. For instance, when we want to explore neighborhoods we've never been to before, it's super easy to do. 

The city is 304.6 square miles, and sometimes we get dizzy thinking about NYC's sheer size. We can frolic around Astoria one day and then hightail it to Gowanus the next, exploring whatever restaurants and hotspots these neighborhoods have to offer.

On the other hand, NYC's size makes it more difficult to get laid.

Like, let's say for instance you live at the top of the Bronx and you're crushing on someone who lives at the bottom of Brooklyn. That'd make it kind of hard to see each other, wouldn't it?

Hopefully, you can avoid this struggle altogether by never dating anyone who doesn't live in your precise neighborhood.


Watch our Watch our newest YouTube video, produced by the hilarious duo of Soresi & Sass (Gianmarco Soresi and Megan Sassrespectively), to catch the chaos of what happens when people, who unknowingly live in different boroughs, find themselves on a date.

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