You're going to remember these names.  

Roger and Jeff Flores, of Washington Heights, have created an app that allows you to check your remaining balance and add more money on to your MetroCard.

There is nothing worse than running up to that turnstile with the confidence of Beyonce, and being locked in due to an "insufficient fare" or "MetroCard expired."  

"Why has this taken so long?" Yeah, we had the same thought.

As reported by Curbed NY, the app, Metroki, gives New Yorkers an alternative way of filling up their cards without dealing with the super annoying, almost always only accepting cash, kiosks.  

Jeff Flores has said, "We constantly take the train, and one of the frustrations was that you couldn't check the balance on your card remotely." 

We agree Jeff, we agree.

After a year of working on the app, MTA requested proposals for a "system integrator" that would eventually debut a new payment system and design. 


If the MTA ever decides to part with the yellow cards that multiply in our bags and stay safe in our phone cases, Metroki could also act as a "tap and go" payment system similar to Apple Pay.  

The brothers have high hopes for the app and its success in New York City.  They plan to expand to any city with mass public transportation. 


No more faulty turnstiles and broken kiosks!


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"But, y'all do this sh*t all the time. Does anybody ever win?" 

A) We DO do this sh*t all the time. In fact, you're welcome. We've even teamed up with our friends over at Need2Know to help spread the good word. Oh, and the good word is $Free.99 

B) Um, yeah. 


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[via Curbed NY] [Feature Image Courtesy WNYC]