5 Solutions for the Struggles of Living in the Most Delicious City in the World

Staying healthy in a city full of guilty (yet oh-so-delicious) pleasures is a difficult challenge. Sure, it's not the worst challenge to have, but you basically know that most of your diets and grand ideas of regular exercise will fall flat before they've even had a chance to get off the ground.

Say hello to FoodKick, the younger, hip AF sister of FreshDirect. Here to solve the various crises of freshness and quickness in one heroic swoop, delivering fresh food and cold booze* in as little as an hour. 

Fun fact about NYC: despite the endless array of decidedly unhealthy food choices, it's not, actually, impossible to eat at least semi-respectably.

Say hello to FoodKick, the younger, hip AF sister of FreshDirect. Here to solve the various crises of freshness and quickness in one heroic swoop, delivering fresh food and cold booze* in as little as an hour. 

We shouldn't have to settle for the surprises of over-processed mystery chicken in a bodega hot pan or the endless grease of the dollar slice. So... just don't. 

When it comes to New York City and food, well, that big apple can be a big ass problem. Luckily, we know how to deal. 

1. Define fresh


If you're going to the local deli to get a weak sandwich with their deli meats, they probably don't―and you definitely don't want to―know that their "Roasted Turkey" was processed in hormones and chemicals, frozen and then defrosted, and then sliced and kept in the fridge.


If you know that the food making its way to your doorstep in as little as an hour is farm-fresh eggs, organic chicken, or grass-fed beef—knowing this and how fresh it actually is because of somebody lookin' out for you with the transparency you deserve, shouldn't you go on and phone a friend?

Oh, yeah. You should. Say it once, twice, loudly, for good and forever—FoodKick

FoodKick values the same things we wish we could easily adhere to: freshness. 

Quality ingredients. Good food that you can cook, or not cook—the choice is entirely up to us. But it's cool because they taste and rate their produce daily, so you know it's fresh AF.

2. Bottomless boozy brunches

So we all have those friends that absolutely swoon over the mention of bottomless brunches. Unlimited mimosas AND pancakes? Yea, we're totally down.

It's only after we overindulge on bubbly Prosecco, sugary orange juice, and enough carbs to feed a small village that we regret our actions.

Yet, every single Saturday or Sunday, we get that text from said friend inviting us to our favorite boozy brunch spot. How can we resist? We can't. Yet, we'll still tell our future selves that we're never going back again because we feel like a blitzed bloated blimp. 

This is a struggle best handled with careful scheduling. No, you certainly don't want to deprive yourself of the New York City staple that is the bottomless boozy brunch. But, consider, if you will, the liver. Then, consider the wallet. 

If there's someone trying to compromise either on a weekly basis, you should then reconsider why you're friends with that person. That, or don't be afraid to bail. Make it an event—something monthly. Always remember: No one's too big to bail. 

3. Pizza is its own food group

How many times have you told yourself that you're going to cook that healthy dinner you saw on Pinterest two nights ago?

How many times have you gotten home from work with every intention of lighting your stove, only to say, "Meh, over it," before it ever even happens? 

Solution: pizza.

New Yorkers love pizza more than they like telling anyone not up North that wherever they're living isn't quite as cold. It's a known fact that you can't find one without the other. When you add in the exorbitant amount of pizzerias selling gourmet slices for cheap, you really can't lose.

Except a few things: pants that fit you, confidence in ever being able to find pants that fit, and, yes, your mind. How many days in a row can you eat cheese, bread, and sauce? How many?! We don't want to know. Best advice on avoiding unintentionally solving that mystery: moderation, fam. 

4. Work work work work work

If you're lucky enough to work near a decent lunch spot, we're incredibly jealous. For the rest of us, we try and grab whatever is closest and easiest to eat during our lunch break. Hell, most days we just grab for the candy jar at the end of our coworker's desk and fill up on jellybeans.

Working in NYC is tough when it comes to healthy lunch spots. Sure, there are so many incredible carts and restaurants, but they're also greasy, fattening, and... well, way too easy just to not care about.

If you knew you could set yourself up for a successful lunch break—one where you can actually enjoy a salad made of actual fresh produce, maybe some grilled chicken or salmon, and tasty herbs, cheeses, vinaigrettes—well, you totally can. 

And you can brown bag that deliciousness, all from FoodKick. No more feeling like you're carrying around sad garbage like what mom and dad used to pack you in middle school.

5. Hangovers

If you're writhing in pain with a similarly agonizing empty medicine cabinet, help is on the way with a veritable arsenal of pick-me-ups so you can attack that vicious nightmare head on. 


Pain relievers? Oh, FoodKick's got 'em. Advil. Bayer. Motrin. Excedrin. Aleve. Boom. Done. Antacid for upset stomach? Tums. Pepcid AC. Pepto-Bismol. Boom. Done. 

Still convinced that your go-to hangover cure is a greasy breakfast, a cup of coffee, and maybe a little bit of liquor to ease the pain? 

To each their own. FoodKick's STILL got you. 

Cook up a feast to end all feasts with local grass-fed beef, Applegate Uncured Good Morning Bacon, and a dozen cage-free eggs from Nature's Yoke or Handsome Brook Farm

Drank yourself under the table without a bottle anywhere? Again, this might be the last thing you want to look for, but with FoodKick you're simply whipping out your phone with the FoodKick app or heading to FoodKick.com and ordering anything from Brooklyn Brewery to everything you need to make a delicious Manhattan.

FoodKick's on the way—and fast AF. 

Don’t Get Hangry—Get FoodKick. Head Over to FoodKick.com or Download the App for iPhone & Android.

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