Here in New York City, we know that setting up a Christmas Tree isn't all just decorating parties and tinsel.

There's dragging the thing to your apartment without crushing it, there's lugging the stand up your stairs and setting it up, and there's that matter of dodging Grinches wielding waaay overpriced trees all over the city.

You already have to deal with gift shopping, travel plans, and anticipating the first family dinner since that awkward fight you had with your Uncle Joe on Thanksgiving (pass the eggnog, please). 

Is there any reason to allow a Christmas Tree of all things to add stress to this already stressful season? 

No. And thankfully, SoHo Trees is here to save Christmas. 

So at least your living room will look pretty while your cousins scream at each other in the kitchen.

Let's be real: it's 2016; there's absolutely no reason that you should have to detangle yourself from the blankets on your couch to deal with picking out a tree, bundling it up, strapping it to your back, and shoving it up the stairs.

With SoHo Trees, you pick out and order up your tree online, as all shopping should be done, and they also take care of shipping, delivering, and seriously– even setting up your new, beautiful tree for some stupidly reasonable prices.

All you have to worry about now is whether you want a star or an angel at the top of your tree.


Still attached to the idea of setting up a tree with your own two hands? You can check out one of their 9 different retail outposts across Manhattan (even one deep out in Brooklyn).

Their flagship location in SoHo Square on 6th Avenue and Spring Street has largest selection and the greatest variety of trees around. And yes, they'll definitely still ship it out to you and set it up, but it's only free if you order online.


Ordering from the comfort of your cozy, warm apartment is sounding pretty great now, isn't it? 

Pick out your tree and get it delivered right to your door online right here.

[Feature Image Courtesy SoHoTrees]